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difference between HMO and PPO
It is important to understand the difference between the PPOs and HMOs. HMO’s or the Health Maintenance Organizations come to an agreement with the policy holders that they will have to pay a monthly insurance bill to them, so that they can freely visit a health care provider or doctor, even when they do not need any particular medical attention...
PPO Insurance
PPO stands for preferred provider organization plan and is one of the most popular insurance plans. PPO health insurance is for individuals as well as families. PPO insurance plan is allowing you to have a visit to in network physician whenever needed and you can choose the health care provider yourself. What is PPO Insurance and how it works? To understand...
POS Insurance
Buying a health insurance is probably the most important insurance decision you will make. As you consider which plan is right for you and do your research, you ponder over many pros and cons. What kinds of care are covered in the plan? Does it cover emergency care, preventive care, surgical procedures and prescription drugs? What provisions are made...
HSA insurance
You have multiple choices while buying an insurance plan. But to find out how insurance plans are different from each other and what is best suitable for you requires a lot of research. While selecting a health care plan you need to look for a plan that saves your money, has lesser deductibles and gives you some freedom and...
HMO insurance
What Is HMO Insurance? HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is a type of health insurance plan that is different from the convention health insurance policies. The price is lower, but in some cases the number of medical treatments that are covered are limited. HMO insurance: The lower the premium the more restrictions in respect to treatment coverage. Like PPO, there is...
What is EPO insurance
They say what’s in a name? Nonetheless, when it comes to insurance plans, name really matters. The lines that differentiate various insurance plans, the lines are really blur and most people buy health insurance plans just by name. When it comes to EPO health insurance, there are very few people know what exactly it is. Therefore, we have compiled...
health insurance
Health insurance is the guarantee to cover the medical expenses including medicines and surgical expenses of an individual. The insurance is used for the reimbursement of the medical expenses that a person has claimed in case of an injury, illness, or disease. The amount is reimbursed to the person by the health insurance providing company. The need for Health Insurance The...
What is insurance
Insurance can be termed as a contract amid a company providing the services of insurance and its clients who are seeking services. Both parties are agreeing on the happening of certain events that may take place resulting in any loss for the client and the insurance company will compensate its clients for the loss. The compensation of loss is...

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